Airports: survive and growing after the Covid 19

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A new era for all type of business and industries has started with this recent Covid-19 crisis. We are sure that airports, airlines and all their echo systems have been seriously affected and the most optimist projections are considering by now a slow recovery and we shouldn’t achieve pre Covid indicators level before two years.

If cost control was already a very relevant component of our business imagine now when the revenues streams have disappeared, and several airports are closed or almost closed.

Stratus Airports has a strong message for our customers, it is time to change the way you buy technology. You should start considering replacing CAPEX with more OPEX oriented type of solutions.

At Stratus Airports we are offering all the traditional solutions but we can implement and invoice them as a service, good service supported by local people.
We are ready to speak with you and we want to assist you while we all pass through this crisis.

All the best and stay safe as much as you can!

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