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Slot management  and  capacity 

STRATUS AIRPORTS is able to allocate slots, facilitate schedules between airlines and airports and analyze information on schedules for generating various statistical reports, serving from the airport with few movements to the most congested.

STRATUS AIRPORTS adopts the current procedures and standards of the WSG/IATA (World Slot Guidelines / International Air Transport Association), ANAC (National Civil Aviation Agency – Brazil) and CGNA/DECEA (Air Navigation Management Center / Airspace Control Department – Brazil). STRATUS AIRPORTS works to ensure the efficient use of capacity and the best operational performance for airports and airlines.

The STRATUS‘ experience in airport capacity management and knowledge in slot coordination technologies, places it in a unique and unmatched position in the sector, working together with the airport, optimizing all existing infrastructure, while remaining transparent, neutral and isonomic.

In addition to coordinating slots, the STRATUS specializes in measuring, analyzing and proposing alternatives to increase capacity, both in the runway system (apron and landing / takeoff runway) and in the passenger terminal.

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