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Computador portátil e planta

Support and


STRATUS AIRPORTS can help in the different sectors within your airport, from the initial phase of prospecting the choice of airport site to the choice of systems used within the airport. Among the subjects we can help are:

  • Air Transport Facilitation

  • Operational Safety and Security Against Unlawful Interference

  • Assistance with qualification and training

  • Assistance in meeting the requirements foreseen for the construction and registration of Aerodromes and Heliports


  • Capacity and Service Level Analysis (PPD, Yard, TPS)

  • Sizing and Planning for Future Needs

  • Simulation (PPD, Apron and TPS)

  • Continuous improvement in passenger experience

  • Geometric and Operational Projects Airside and Landside

  • Vertical Signage and Horizontal Signaling Projects

  • Air Navigation Aid Projects

  • Assistance in the implementation of EPTA Special Category, A, B, C and M

  • Telecommunications studies and projects

  • Study, design and installation of data and communications networks

  • Projects, processes and services for the legalization of telecommunications stations

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